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mfinn on camel drivers, morocco
This is wonderful, Sarah! It jumped right out at me. I love their expressions and the background is stunning.

[email protected] on woman at window
A very moving image, splendid but the watermark right in the middle spoils it whole, a pity, if you permit me to ...

[email protected] on bhutanese mother and child
Such beautiful people ! Oh, superb is this portrait - and so many here.

[email protected] on bhutanese dancers
You caught their movement & music so well in this painterly one.

[email protected] on Bhutanese child
Beyond the great colors, what a cutie !

roeb on prayer flags, bhutan
there are several great images in your portfolio but i hate watermarks. ai to heiwa

MARIANA on woman at window
wonderful god, move this watermark from her face . image is excellent .

LauraS on garden basket
Wonderful vegetables. Love this shot.

Curly on garden basket
A wonderful palette of colours.

ursulakatariina on garden basket
Seeing this makes me hungry... Wonderful colours.

Curly on ice storm 3
Incredible find!

E.B on barn steps
Très belle photographie !

Paco Rubio on the pool
Bonito disparo y buena composión. Me gusta la idea de la sombra como corchoneta... Muy buena!!!

Zorilla on camel drivers, morocco
An interesting shot, though with a title like that it makes me wonder where the camels are

Curly on camel drivers, morocco
A fine double portrait, good because you were so close to the subjects, and the light was fantastic.

Mici on the pool
That leaf shadow makes it great

Mici on yoga in the dunes, morocco
How simple but nice

Mici on camel drivers, morocco
Awesome, congrats, great colours and good capture of expressions

Stefan on camel drivers, morocco

[email protected] on camel drivers, morocco
Fantastic image ! What a great mood, colors are superb and we feel so close of those men, bravo !

Benkirane Thami on dunes, morocco
Je reconnais le lac Yasmina ! Superbe cette dune qui a les pieds dans l'eau ! Bon début de semaine ...

Paul on dunes, morocco
Very nice

Amir Taheri Kondar on dunes, morocco
very nice view.Happy new Iranian year (Nowrooz) to you.

DarkElf on shadows on dunes, morocco
nice and creative vision here - the shadows look cool indeed!

Stefan on shadows on dunes, morocco
Cool shot!

Paul on sand dunes, morocco
Great one

Curly on tea time, morocco
A great story and an insight to the hospitality of another culture.

Garfield on laundry, morocco
I really like this photo! Great light, nice compo and point of view, time of day ... Wow

Curly on tent village, morocco
Wonderful golden light falling on them, good capture.

Tamara on tent village, morocco
Lovely ! I love the tones !!!

Jeremy on the pool
Great composition. The sharpness is also fantastic.

Jeremy on tent village, morocco
What a nice scene! Wish I was there to take some photos too. I like the side lighting. However, I am not sure about ...

[email protected] on the pool
Splendid sensations shared here with that floating goddess & colors !

Curly on the pool
Wow, what a MASSIVE green leaf!

Rags on the pool
wow, really pretty.

Meysam on iglesia, nicaragua
A very interesting architecture shot. Very well done.

Will on iglesia, nicaragua
cool the textures and details:)

Curly on iglesia, nicaragua
There is a lot to be said for the Spanish style, and this yellow against blue is instantly likeable.

Paul on street scene, Grenada, Nicaragua
Great photo , well done

Curly on street scene, Grenada, Nicaragua
Good capture, old facing the new!

Curly on pescado, Grenada, Nicaragua
Not the most appealing dish you've ever seen eh?

Kate on La perra
Lovely shot - that dog is very attentive!

Patricia on La perra
Very beautiful, i like the pink color also (✿◠‿◠)❤

Shiloh on La perra
Haha, the dogs ears are adorable! Love the backround! Amazing picture!

Garfield on hand stand, Grenada, Nicaragua
Great moment captured. Like the angle and light. Great kid

alex centrella on the hair cut, Grenada, Nicaragua
well caught !

Dimitrios, think positive. on the hair cut, Grenada, Nicaragua
cool frame, well done

Louis Hebert on the hair cut, Grenada, Nicaragua
That is wonderful bounced light coming off the floor to illuminate the barbers face. Excellent find.

Curly on doling out the cash, Grenada, Nicaragua
Damn good shot, close and personal.

Garfield on Blindfolded Christ, Nicaragua
Powerful image, thought provoking

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